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Cost to Install an Artificial Lawn has many ingredients

  • GRN ENVY artificial grass is  customized to each individual artificial grass application. Each artificial grass application is different, and unique. 
  • Your Project Manager will price each  project, required ground preparation, size, and numerous other factors described below.
  • GRN ENVY strives to keep each installation as cost effective for the homeowner or commercial account customer as is practicable to do.
  • Our installation crews are able to do every aspect of yard renovation and COMPLETE LANDSCAPE SERVICES you may desire or need. .
  • Factors that affect Pricing on Artificial Grass

    There are many factors that affect how much it will cost to install an artificial lawn, which makes it difficult to post a definite price list for artificial grass at Grn Envy. Therefore we provide estimates rather than giving a price list; we need to know a lot of information about your yard before we can tell you exactly how much it is going to cost. Nevertheless, we also know that you want to get a general ballpark of the cost before you call, to see if artificial grass is within your budget at all. The following information can give you a general idea of what you can expect to spend, as well as the different factors that will affect your final price tag.

    Price of artificial grass and  Price of installation

    The first thing to consider is what kind of artificial grass you want. We offer a wide range of varieties, which are each good for different purposes. At the low end of the possible costs you may expect to pay  around $6 per square foot (for installation alone), while at the high end  of the possibilities you’ll be paying more depending on obstructions, root infestations, tree stumps,, good access or poor access, all effect price per project.. The price of the turf itself will be added to this, which can be up to $4.89 per square foot.

    If you are going to do DIY artificial grass installation, you can definitely keep your costs down. You will have to pay for additional materials that would be included in the price of instillation if we were doing the installation for you – herbicides to kill back the grass, decomposed granite for the base layer, your infill material of choice, and any equipment you might need to do the installation. But you would not have to pay for labor, which means you would be spending a lot more time but saving a bit of money.


    The cost of having artificial grass installed professionally is largely taken up by the cost of labor. This includes preparation and cleanup the crew have to do to get your area ready for the artificial turf, any extra steps they have to take to protect existing structures, setup time, travel time to your location, cleanup after the project is over, and minimum hourly fees if you have a very small area to install artificial turf on. You can potentially save yourself some money by making sure that your yard is clean, neat, and ready for installation before the artificial grass installers arrive.

    What does the estimate NOT cover?

    At Grn Envy, we work to make your installation as affordable as possible, but we cannot dictate the charges they apply, which reflect the local market, and often terrain, and access for installation may be a factor in overall pricing.

    Finally, the Grn Envy estimate does not cover permits, inspection fees, or any other fees that may be required by your local building department.

    The Grn Envy Promise

    Grn Envy aims to make each installation as cost-effective for the customer as possible. We provide competitive prices as well as advice on how to save money switching to artificial grass.

    Our installation crews are able to do every aspect of yard renovation and COMPLETE LANDSCAPE SERVICES,  you may desire or need.

    We will come out to your location to give you a free consultation , samples to view and provide a detailed estimate.We will help you find areas where you can cut costs (if possible) and make suggestions ( when indicated) for use of alternative implementations of materials to enhance the overall appearance of your yard.