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 Today's technology yields top quality using  Hi Tech methods. The result  is products that look and feel  real. The yarns that  used  to create the blades of grass are "engineered" with specific blade designs to give a realistic look, re-boundability from  " foot traffic" and more. the durability is is top rated. The products are also manufactured with UV protection to keep them from fading or degrading over the years.

GRN ENVY  distributes the highest quality products made in the industry.  We vend products made in America to American manufacturing standards. 

The manufacturer]s warranty guarantees that the grass is completely free from lead and other toxic heavy metals, 

and child safe..... and Pet  safe, so you can feel good about letting your babies (and human babies)  run around on your new lawn.

You can have peace of mind knowing  we  provide  only those products that have  independent third party lab analysis assuring  that the  products are safe.